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New On Goings

Posted by Gjestar on August 26, 2010 at 5:18 PM Comments comments (0)

So, there was a miniscule break from doing ELECTRONYTES. The show itself got rave reviews and people are in favor of it. So much so, that the second show I did, all of my bandwidth for my website got used up!!! People from all over the world tuned and loved it! I'm talking, Bulgeria, Russia, Germany, Poland, UK, Africa, Nigeria, China, and of course, the good ol USA. There are more countries, but I forget at the moment...that's how many people heard it! Amazes me.

Anywho, with the test shows (the first 2) I wanted to see what kinds of reactions the show would get, kind of like  a Pilot episode of  a TV show. And to my delight, people embraced it! So, I took a break after the 3rd episode to get things ready for the official LAUNCH of "Pure Sine Presents ELECTRONYTES dj mixed by GJESTAR".

I've been in talks with a new hostess, who will be the official "Voice of Electronytes", an offcial "Electronytes Model" and even managed to get a director of photography for the show!!! Not to mention that 3 Top nite spots in town want to house the show.

So the new format for ELECTRONYTES will be like  a radio show, with the "voice/hostess" introducing you to the show by telling you the name of the show, introducing herself and me, as well as telling you the names of the tracks I'm playing as I'm playing them.

The model will be the "Face" of Electronytes and will do promo shots and ads for the website and the show itself as well as make appearances at live shows and such. The photographer will be on hand at live shows as well as behind the scenes to capture moments in mixes and do the promo shots and what not. The new director of photography is a real good friend of mine and is very talented.

So with that being said, Sept 3rd will feature the new format as well as the new hostess. The new shots with the model will be coming very soon afterwards.

For the live shows, I would like to do charity events and have local celebs like the BATTLE BORN DIRBY DEMONS on hand to spice things up (they are a great bunch of gals) and special local talent to share the decks with (which is alao in the works). The end of summer is kind of a bummer, yes, but we can usher in FALL with a BANG!!!

So keep an eye out and an ear open!


Thank you all!

Posted by Gjestar on July 18, 2010 at 7:59 PM Comments comments (0)

For showing so much support and appreciation for the Electronytes Dj Mix Show! I've been getting favorale reviews and comments regarding the music content and mixing. And all of it has been very positive! Whoch makes me even more enthusiastic!

Each week I'd like to keep it fresh. So the 1st show was somewhat of a showcase for my re-works, the second show was a mix of housier tracks/electro-house and trance, this up coming weeks show for Ep3 is going to be purely progressive trance.

Next the week after, I was thinking of doing a classics show. With trance and techno from "yesterday".

Well see.

Anyways, I just wanted to say thank and keep tuning in each and every week!


p.s. If you have any suggestions, ideas or know someone who would like to be a guest dj, send me a message on my guestbook page (it's under "about me").

PurePodcast for Electronytes Ep1

Posted by Gjestar on July 3, 2010 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)




The first "Pure Podcast for Electronytes" is now up!!!

Here is the track listing

1-Myah Marie "Chemistry (Gjestar ReWork)"

2- George Acosta ft Fisher "true Love (Original Mix/Gjestar Edit)"

3-Matt Darey Presents Urban Astronauts "See the Sun (Gjestar ReWork)"

4-Shakeh Vanessi "No One But You (Gjestar ReWork)"

5- Kyau and Albert "I Love You (Gjestar ReWork)"

6- Ferry Corsten "Belong"

7- Max Graham ft Neev kennedy "Sun In the Winter (Gjestar Edit)"

8- Bt ft Jes "Every Other Way (Gjestar ReWork)"

9- Amurai ft Melissa Loretta "UnConditional Love (Gjestar ReWork)"

10- Velvetine "Safe (Original Mix)"

11- Armin Van Buuren ft Jennifer Rene "Fine Without You"

12- 7 Skies "Caffiene (Original Mix)"

13- The Thrillseekers "Savanna (Original Mix)"

14- M.I.K.E. Presents Plastic Boy "Chocolate Infusion"

15- Lange "Under Pressure (Original Mix)"

16- Roger Shah and Signum "Healesville Sanctuary (Signum Mix)"

17- Sunny Lax "Vannesse (Gjestar ReWork)"

An hour and a half of beautiful music to start your weekend off right!

See you next week!


"We Can Love Who We Trust..Whoo-ooh.."

Posted by Gjestar on June 16, 2010 at 3:02 PM Comments comments (0)

Haha! Hello!!

Last night I finished up my re-work for LA Roux's "In For The Kill". I love it!!!

I took the vocals and totally synthesized them, tweaked them, manipulated them and totally re-did them-lol I also re-worked the beat. The intro is a bit extended, but it works once you hear the beat come in. Then, after I build up with some dicey vocals that play along with the originals, then I get the beat going, then peak it with three different vocal pieces by her. It's pretty epic.

So go check it out in the music section! A few reviews have come in since last nite, and so far so good!

SO listen and let me know what's up :)


p.s. the new macbook is ok, but it's awfully tiny :(. I might just switch up for a bigger screen, this is kind of ridiculous. But it works very well and doesn't really crash on me. So far so good.

New gear!

Posted by Gjestar on May 1, 2010 at 3:36 AM Comments comments (0)

So right now, I'm out shopping for new gear for our new show "Electronytes". I am getting a new Apple Macbook Laptop computer (since they are the highest rated music production comps). Also, new d.j. mixing software (I'm thinking of either TRAKTOR or Numark), as well as installing new music production programs such as "Reason",  "Fruity loops", "Cakewalk" and a few others as well :)

So our new show will be broadcasted July 2nd at 9 pm. I'm attempting to get a live video feed of us doing the show as well as doing the audio podcast available at iTunes. I have a podcast video channel set up and everything! So once the summer hits, we should be live and ready to go!

Currently, I'm also shopping for a nice venue to house our show up. I'd like to do a live performance show about once a month from  anite spot  here in town. Now  don't get me wrong, every show will be brand new, never any reruns. However I'd like to broadcast LIVE once  a month as opposed to  a previously recorded show. Who knows, we might just be live every week if all goes well!!

So as always, I'll keep you all up to date with my new developments.

So drop by, leave me a voice mail and be sure to catch the shows every week starting July 2nd


Love you guys!


Voicemail is here~!

Posted by Gjestar on May 1, 2010 at 3:34 AM Comments comments (0)

You can now leave me a personal voice mail message! Go to my "Voicemail" page and dial up my number! It's only temperary fir the time being. If I get some good feedback, I might just keep it- so call me and say Hi :)


Summer goodies!!!

Posted by Gjestar on April 12, 2010 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

So I'm teaching myself how to do PODCASTS and get a record label up and running :) As well as writing and mixing and producing and more writing!!! I've been keeping very busy...

The PODCAST will be a showcase of progressive electronic music such as Trance, Breakbeats, House and much more. We'll have guest mixes as well! These guest mixes will be from local artists and d.j's in my area who truly love what they do, and can really rock the house!

So by summer time, we'll have our debut episode (and episodes following) on ITunes for free download!

The mix will be opened by myself, have a guest mix, then maybe some nights, we'll even have 3 sets in the evening? Have a 3rd dj set close out the night...who knows?! We'll be doing all kinds of fun things here: Interviews, releases, premiers..all kinds!

So, we here at Pure Sine are getting all kinds of goodies ready to make this one hot, woofer rockin summer!

Yours truly...


Opening for PAUL VAN DYK Contest!

Posted by Gjestar on March 11, 2010 at 5:18 PM Comments comments (0)

One of my biggest inspirations and one of the best artists I look up to, Paul Van Dyk, is having a contest to for the winner to do an opening slot for him at his "Ten Years of Vandit Records" celebration in Miami. Al the contestants have to do, is send him an half hour dj mix in mp3 format. That's it.

He's personally listening to all entries!

The cut off date is Weds. 3-17-10. I already have half of it finished.

I'm going all out for this mix- Made a special re-work of Matt Darey's "See The Sun", re-working Bt ft Jes "Every Other Way", a track by Above and Beyond, a very, very unique blend of the bands Hybrid and Coldplay and a SUPER interesting mix of Paul Van Dyk's very own tune: "Nothing But You"- as well as tracks by Prodigy, Art of Noise and others.

Here are ALL of the juicy details :   http://miami.paulvandyk.com/

As soon as the contest date is over, I will post certain mixes from the set.

All the best!


Mixed Emotions Vol. 2

Posted by Gjestar on February 28, 2010 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So as of right now, I'm compiling music for my 2nd installment of my dj mixed series "Mixed Emotions".

With the last cd, I did some exclusive mixes of Paul Van Dyk's "White Lies" and Holden and Thompson's "Come To Me", as well as opened up with a mash up mix of BT ft Jan Johnston "Remember" vs Iio "Kiss You".

So with this newest effort, I'm chopping up all of the tracks, and doing re-works of them, all, to let them flow together and fit  as tight as they can :) I'll be doing exclusive mash-mixes as well, with  the exclusive re-works of each piece :)

So far, we have tracks from Matt Darey, Deepsky,  Three Drives, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten,  & many more! PLUS the exclusive release of a track by me , for the mix :)

So this cd will be very unique, as no one will have any of these re-edits, re-works or mash ups :)

I'll be making a preview disc here very soon, as a promo for the actual "Mixed Emotions 2nd Edition." It'll be called "Mixed Feelings" and will contain a very special, limited edition re-work by Me, of Paul Van Dyk's killer/gorgeous smash hit "Nothing But You",  featuring one of my most fave singers ever: Jan Johnston: I got the privilage to see her live in Denver, and let me tell you, she is simply amazing! She sounds like she does on her records! Pure talent :)

"Mixed Feelings" will be available for download to the member's of this site first, and then be made available for mass download shortly there after :) Special cd's will be made and for a limited time while supplies last, be given away!

Also, the Free Downloads page will be up and running again here very soon! It will have links to download not only my tracks, but full length D.J. MIXES by me~!!! nice :D

Podcasts are also in the works! This year is huge!

So keep an eye out for us here at Pure Sine Records @ Gjestar.webs.com~!

-Luv u guys!


Matt Darey "See the Sun (Gjestar's Re-work)"

Posted by Gjestar on February 28, 2010 at 1:41 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I'm making a new dj mixed cd, as I was picking the opening track, when I thought "The opening track should be something melodic and pretty." So It was originally going to be "Ghost" by Deepsky ft Jes, since it opens with her vocals and an airy synth line. But it just didn't "feel" like an opener.

So I LOVE "See the Sun", but it has a smple bass drum intro/beginning. So I thought to myself "How do I make this an opening piece?"

So from there I went on to go and chop the track up and re-arrange it. I re-did the intro to be a beautiful beginning and re-did the outro to fit the next track mixing from it. I also re-edited the entire song to be a constant flow and keep the vocals going consistantly to keep the attention of the listener, with breaks in the right places to keep the integrity of the original artost.

So I asked for his pemission to post my re-work/effort of his music on the site, here as well as see if he'd like to take a listen :)

I have yet to get a response, as it was only the other day I sent him the message, but I'll post more on here when I get any info regarding it :)