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long over due!

Posted by Gjestar on May 8, 2013 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Boy, haven't posted a blog in over a year!!! Yikes!!

A lot has been going on, which is why my poor website has been so neglected :(

Been getting a bit more attention with my dj'ing: opened for the world famous Kyau & Albert this past 4/20/13 at Horizen Casino in Lake Tahoe, NV. That was very exciting! Got some pics with them, and even got them to autograph my keyboard and a flyer!! Really nice guys! Great dj's too! All thanks to a great new promoter in the Tahoe area named Alex Harrison. Gave me one helluva shot! I think I nailed it ;)

There is talks of having me as a monthly resident for a nightclub opening soon in Tahoe called "ELECTRIC MUSHROOM." I'll be doing trance too! This will be great, as I can most likely broadcast my sets live from the club.

Electronytes has been taking it slow as well. We should be on our 150+ episode, but we are only on our 67th right now. Life happens, what can I say? But rest assured that Electronytes is always going to be available on the web through older episodes as well as newer ones with mazing guest dj's!

Just this year alone I have had the amazing John Wood, Dj Phaidon, Penn 7 , and the local star dj XM Fredie all contribute to the cause of sharing and bringing to you, the best in electronic dance music. More guests to come!

Right now I'm getting acclimated with Albeton 8 Suite. I know, A9 is already out, but I feel like I should get to know 8 before I jump to 9 just so I have an idea of whats going on. I ditched Traktor pro 2. It was fun, but just not for me. Not at all. So what I do now, Is play my keyboards live, while mixing with the level sliders and nobs, pads, etc and sync my drum beats and samples form one of my synths, to play in sync with ableton. So it's extremely fun!

Did a lot of moving in the past year. Had a lot of ups and downs as well (as per life), but I am still here! Still in love with my gorgeous fiance Rachel and still determined to keep giving you the best of everything I got!

Stay tuned folks!!

Love ya


Happy Tuesday

Posted by Gjestar on February 14, 2012 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)


In case this is just another day for you, than I am wishing you a good day and a great week! In case you have that special someone, than I hope you show that special someone you care today and everyday. I know this is supposed to be a special day for love, but when you make every chance you get a day for love, than it takes some of the pressure of to come thru on the big  "v" day.

I believe that people look forward to this day so much because it seems like we never give eachother enough affection in our day to day lives. We wait until the "holidays" to show love and attention, then turn it off because "we did our part". Well I think that is an absolute cop-out. Why would you want to wait to "have" to show love on specific days?

If you genuinely love the people in your life, than you should want to show that you care every chance you get.

Be grateful for the people in your life by honoring them with your attention and love whenever you can, because don't forget: we can lose them just as easily as we got them. We should all be happy that we have the chance to show love to someone, whether it be family or significant other. A lot of people in this world don't have that luxury.

So when you see the holidays coming up, there should be no need to panic or feel pressure because everyday should have that love to it. Make sure that you ake it a holiday as much as you can. It's not easy, and not possible to do every single day, but what we can do is try to make sure that the people in our li ves are appreciated and loved whenever we get the chance.

How good do you think it would feel to be told how much you are loved, everyday? It'd make you feel pretty darn good huh? Well when we do that for others, we get it back ten fold! It's not selfish, it's reciprocal. Do unto others...

So with this "bummer day" if you're single, and "lover day" if you;re taken, really shouldn't be any different fro any other day, because it is what you make of it. Don't wait to a holiday to show love, show it every chance you get. It does make a difference.

So have a great tuesday and remember: love is more than a day on the calender.

Luv u guys!



Everything is going well so far

Posted by Gjestar on December 23, 2011 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Sorry I haven't been too current on my website latey. I have been busy with school work and getting things ready for 2012. New show formats are coming, new categories, new guest dj's from across the country and new original tunes and remixes as well as brand new reworks and mash ups!


I'm pulling A's in school for my Criminal Justice degree, then I will be onto the Master's in Psychology degree! Work work work-lol!


I am officially engaged now too! Gjestar is no longer on the market ;) But still come see me when I go out and say hi! That's always polite and appreciated-haha!~


So my Best of 2011 3xCD and Triple downloads are just about ready to be recorded, but due to the Macbook being in the shop, I cannot record til sometime in January when it will be released :( But rest assured, it will be worth the wait! Only the finest and best tracks have been selected for your recap of the best in EDM for 2011.


A remix of "Eyes" by Kaskade is also on the burners. Tried a live performance of it, but the levels were off (as I had to set up the gear while dj'ing at the same time, things weren't done properly as I had to not only ix and throw down for the crowd, but also set up my gear, and get verything ready....not too great. But coming in 2012 the officially polished produced Gjestar Live Remix will be up and out! And for my fans who are subscribed to this site's newsletter, your copy is free! I'll let you all know as soon as it lands :)

Anyways, I have to go and get ready for a gathering tonite at the future in-laws ;) Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!





Taking care of my fiance

Posted by Gjestar on September 7, 2011 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)
So this week is kind of sad; My fiance had foot surgery done on tuesday. It was pretty intense! So needless to say she can't really walk around and do a whole lot. So I'm taking this week off to take care of her and help her as much as I can. The pain meds that gave her barely help at all. They're vicodin 5's, and they take the edge off, but only for a short while. There was a shooting the same day as her surgery, out in Carson City, NV. At an IHOP restaurant. 6 people injured by gun shot. 3 more murdered. They were National Guards Members. What's this world coming to, when you can't even go out for some damn pancakes?! Disgusting. This week appears to be off to one helluva rough start. My fiance and her surgery and those poor victims at IHOP. Unlike the victim's friends and families, I can still see, hold and love my baby. For that I am so thankful, because it can be taken away in a blink of an eye.

Remix to be released, guest spot in a nite club and more!

Posted by Gjestar on April 26, 2011 at 7:20 AM Comments comments (0)

This week I have some great news!

I have a super cool guest dj Miss Natalie! I've had the pleasure of spinning with her and her husband (and good friend of mine) Jamie D at their club night Bass Lab. She's opening this week's show, so who knows what she's spin! Its could be anything- so I'm super excited to hear what's in store!

Just finished up mastering the mix from the show with Dj Thalamus. Ben (Thalamus) was a really good sport, having only spun on Cd decks once before. He did quite well. Also, his track selection was awesome! The stuff he played was just waaaayyy cool!!! My fave track was "Bass Canon"- killer break beat!!! Also, this was the 1st time I ever heard the track "Gold Dust"- it's so fun :) I'm getting it asap! His whole set was praise worthy, to be honest. Can't wait to have him back on the show.

Which brings me to my next bit of news: Jamie D and Miss Natalie approached me about having an Electronytes Invasion at their club night "Bass Lab"! The night will consist of a few of the DJ's featured on my show: Jamie D, Thalamus, FM Marc and myself, of course! It goes down this Thursday April 29th at 10 pm til who knows? Ha!

And last but not least, an artist I remixed named NAHNEMINI contacted me, and said he liked my remix so much that he wants to RELEASE IT WITH HIS ORIGINAL MIX on BEATPORT!!! The track is called "MIND TRAVELING" and my remix is called "Gjestar's Mileage Remix". I'm so stoked for this: so I sent him the track and we'll see how it goes!

It has been an amazing week, and after an outstanding (and exhausting) weekend I am ready for anything!

In June I'm doing a special show around Nahnemini's music. This guy is really talented and it was my idea to showcase his tunes. He's psyched about that too. It feels good to finally have things start to fall into place.

Anyways, I have been recording reworks and live mash ups like crazy! I hope to put some up on my youtube page here soon for you all! I'll keep you posted, but until then you can hear them being mixed into my dj sets every week on my Live Radio show. So tune in every Friday Night at 6pm PST and check out what goodies I have in store and who I have as a special guest dj!

Keep it pure!


Guest DJ's for April, 2011

Posted by Gjestar on April 5, 2011 at 12:38 AM Comments comments (0)

This month I'm working very hard to bring in some quality guest dj's for you guys! So far I have dj FM MARC from HI'R ENTERTAINMENT and DJ THALAMUS!

To hear a sample of DJ THALAMUS' mixing skills- hit this link up-


And to check out FM MARC go here:


More dj's to come!

Check my calender for further changes in the line up :)

Love u guys!


Electronytes Live Radio Friday Nights!

Posted by Gjestar on February 13, 2011 at 5:21 PM Comments comments (0)

I accidentally erased this original blog trying to add a "facebook like button" so I'm rewriting this short-like.


And we have some great guest dj's lined up with plenty more coming soon!

Feb. 18 DJ FREEZ  < click for details

Feb. 25 ERIK LOBE < click for details

Mar.  4 FAT S.A.M.  < click for details

Mar. 11 JAMIE D.  < click for details

Also, I've decided to pursue my dream of becoming a certified psychologist, so I'm getting my doctorate in Pyschology! I start school on the 28th of Feb! Soon, I'll be known as DR. GJESTAR! hahaha!

Like I said before, this is a rockstar year! Guest dj's original tracks and all kinds of goodies are in store for 2011~! Stay tuned!

Luv ya!


Gjestar is now Mobile!

Posted by Gjestar on December 12, 2010 at 3:26 PM Comments comments (0)

That's right people!

The website is now mobile! All you have to do is enter in this url into your phone  >>

http://gjestar.webs.com/ ; And you'll see the newly formatted website! You'll be able to keep up with the latest news, mixes and music from your phone! Now you can watch my Youtube page with no problems...and you can even listen to the Live Radio Show every week, even if you're not @ home to catch it :)

So have fun with that!

For X-Mas, as a special gift for you guys I'm going to put up a FREE DOWNLOAD link: it will be a preview of Disc 2 for my "Michael Jackson Greatest Hits: Mixed". It will include such his as "Man In The Mirror", "Scream", "Remember The Time" "Bad", "They Don't Care About Us" and many more! This mix includes special reworks/remixes by me of select songs made specifically for the album!

So I'll keep you posted on when that link will be up!

The album itself will be finished early 2011.

As for new Years...still anxious to hear back from a couple of clubs that showed interest. So we'll see how that pans out. Either way, 2011 is going to be a stellar rockstar year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

And dont forget the Live Radio show every week here at




Posted by Gjestar on November 16, 2010 at 8:41 AM Comments comments (0)

Electronytes is now going LIVE~!!!!


Every Thursday (circumstances permitting) Night at 7pm pst to 8:30 pm, I'll be broadcasting LIVE on my website! http://www.gjestar.webs.com/liveradio.htm


Just installed a real-time, custom Shout Box. This way you can interect with Me live, as well as other listeners as the show is going!

A real time portal screen for the broadcast and a live time post box so u can post stuff to your Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace pages!

It's all going down every Thursday nite 7pm pst to 8:30 pm~!!!


Also, I'm taking requests! Go to the Forum section of the website http://www.gjestar.webs.com/apps/forums/ here u can leave me anything you want to hear: it can be a track I've previously played on the show, a hot new jam you want to hear or anything you like to have mixed, dedicated whatever! It can even be suggestions for new reworks you'd like me to try-


Just leave me a note on the forum and I'll do my best to play everything I can for you!


So things are getting better and better over here at Pure Sine Studios. And it all is because of support and feedback from you!


Thank you




p.s on the hunt for guest dj's...my fans LOVE guest dj's! So if u guys kno of anyone who'd be interested in being showcased, let me know or steer him/her my way, wouldja?

The New Format Begins 9/30/10

Posted by Gjestar on September 24, 2010 at 1:01 AM Comments comments (0)

I've been working very diligently on getting the weekly show "ELECTRONYTES" up and functional. We've had some ups (over 15 countries around the globe tuning in, almost crashing my server and taking up all of my bandwidth!) and some downs (guest dj's not showing up and technical difficulties), but through it all we're still here! And we're still gonna give you the best weekly dj mix of house, trance, breaks and progressive electronic dance music.

I started integrating some newer features like "Track of the Week" where I pick one certain track to make your week fun and "Yesterday's Hit" where I play a tune that was a huge club banger from back in the day. But that's only the beginning. The future looks very bright for this show.

Anyways, to go with the new format, is also a new time slot and a new day. Instead of Friday Night's @ 8pm PST, we're going to move the show to a more "listener friendly" time slot of  Thursday Night's @ 7pm. I realize that a lot of people are out and about and might not be home to listen to the full show, and thus miss out on a lot! Of course the show is available all the time on the website, but as for tuning in WHILE it's on, can prove to be difficult for some. Especially if the people have an early weekend or just aren't home! I want to make this as easy and convenient for all of my fans and listeners out there...easy for YOU! Whatever can make this more enjoyable for you, letme know!

I'm here for YOU!

Now, the live shows are on their way as well. So I'll keep you posted.

So for now, the show is also going to be shortened UNLESS there happens to be a guest, to which the show will be 2 hours! But til then, it will only be one hour. One hour seems to be more than enough and also makes it easier on the listener to make time to listen to ALL of the content.

So the skinny of it is, NEW FORMAT is gradually happening: NEW DAY, NEW TIME SLOT, NEW LENGTH and much much more to come!

Thank for listening to the show and I promise to always keep it fresh with new re-works, remixes, and the best mixing you'll find out there!

Luv ya!